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  11. A mí lo que me indigna no és que se embolsen 24 millones entre 4 impresentables, sino que el des-gobierno que tenemos no los obligue a devolverlos! Lo mismo que pasó en Catalunya con el caso Millet/Palau de la Música: el hombre no solo no ha ido a la cárcel por el megadesfalco que hizo de los fondos del Palau, sino que ni siquiera se le ha obligado a devolver (ni parte de) lo que robó.Esa impunidad teñida de pachorra es lo que realmente me indigna.

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  17. Åhh Elisabeth, jag hoppas verkligen att du förstår att dom som ställer "osmakliga" och rent privata frågor på din blogg,inte representerar alla oss andra:( Hoppas du har det så bra som du kan och att du känner styrkan och kärleken som vi bloggläsare vill förmedla till dig.Du är i mina tankar ständigt.Kärlek/Jeanette

  18. Thanks, this post has been a long time coming and brewing in my mind for almost 2 years! I’m glad to have written it and put it ‘out there’ thanks for the support. We will be staring our next frozen cycle in the next few days–transfer to be sometime in January. Will be soaking in all the positive vibes I can get!

  19. Not sure what qualifies specifically for 'helping Black folks', but don't forget the changes to preditory lending in the credit card bill. No more raising rates on existing balances on their whim (unless you miss a payment; yes, I know…), better disclosure of the costs and fees of a card, etc. Well done, and so overdue.

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  25. Good day, Mike (and Jazz FM)! I’m listening to your ‘funky sensations’ (via AOD) from stateside. Thank you for playing such old school funk/soul from back in the day, you’re jamming cuts that the American DJs have either forgotten or have seldom played. DON’T STOP, MAN!T.M.Missouri, USA

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  35. I’ve been over and looked at Marie’s blog and her books look really interesting, I haven’t heard of her before but I will be checking out her books now …..unless of course I am lucky!

  36. Thanks, hockey/racing fans! I saw that story when I was researching this, Keith–what’s the problem with a little oats in the Cup? Nice to remember that day 16 years ago, Frank, but please, front office, can we try to move forward? Please, maybe, try to get a winning time on the ice again? Please?

  37. spune:pai simplu, Lille… ca si DJ Project si Voltaj, Puia merge pe aceeasi idee… au gasit o nisa care da bine…iar el a tradus… “Sa moara mama, daca te mint”…deci minte sau nu…

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  40. Hi, Heidi! Yes, the cousins have spent their time growing up vigorously. They will be happy to catch up and show Devyn and Matthew all the things they’ve learned. Georgia and Maya still remind us regularly that they miss the boys and want to play together again.Sparks of imagination will fly! Tune in this fall …

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  42. pm: It must suck to be such an unrepetant con artist that you have to lie about your background, your parentage, your beliefs, your associates, your New Party/DSA/CPUSA affiliation, your criminal cronies, your mooselimb sympathies, your belief that free speech/reason/science should be sacrificed on the altar of a Stone Age religion to just go along to get along with savages.Yeah, it must really suck every day when you have lied to every citizen in America, and must continue to lie to keep from being impeached from office.

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  44. I also have an ADA accredited degree and decided not to complete my RD internship or continue in the field as an RD. It is often the case that many public food programs in the US are virtually required to use processed food by the County RD… this is a long hard slog…

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  48. I love roast chicken and generally use a 10-inch cast iron skillet, but I will get out my Le Creuset roasting pan and use it. By the way, not on point, but since people read comments, I must say that I made MR’s Best Homemade Bread from his last Le Creuset post, and it was beautiful – looked gorgeous and tasted even better. Make it at your own risk because sliced thin, buttered lightly, and topped with really good cheddar cheese, it is hard to stop eating.

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  51. Excellent tale. For me. I wished I’d had popcorn (you should put up a popcorn disclaimer: this story is great with a snack). But for you? Lovey hell. Bee has a small Curious George. we’ve had him, I don’t know, about five years now. We lost him, in a real, panicky way, once. It was on a neighborhood stroller walk. Other moms rallied to cruise the ‘hood in their cars. We recovered Georgie. He’s currently in Bee’s room, fallen to the side of the bed until tomorrow night, or our next family outing. I’d be lost without him.

  52. Oooh! LOVE your nails 🙂 SO pretty. Glad that you're so excited about August and the rest of the year; I just can't believe how quickly 2012 has passed, kinda makes me sad 🙁 I have GOT to try the "Yes To" brand items.(I'm playing along today but for SOME reason my link won't show up??)

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  55. Hi guy,superbes tes 2 dernières, les mains les yeux le regard…restaurant, crustacés, Petrucciani….tu m’énerves tiens…remarque ça me rappelle des trucs un peu ds le genre…mais un peu moins exotiques pffuity a intérêt ce qui t’y retourne à l’usine..tiens bon le manche…

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  57. There was a lecture hall in the building which, honestly, induced vertigo. It had lots of “vertical” lines a bit off vertical, with the effect that if you were standing in it with your eyes open, you started getting disoriented. I’m sure the folks who decided to pay to have this building built with someone else’s money all live in very traditional homes, probably in neighborhoods with zoning or covenants to keep anyone from erecting such property-value-destroying monstosities anywhere close to their valuable homes. The difference between what you’ll do with your own money or someone else’s are amazing….

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  59. 8) There will be one character who is a walking encyclopedia or otherwise has access to all information the protagonist will need to survive the movie. If this is not the protagonist theirself, it will likely be their best friend/office mate.

  60. We are infected with the defeatism of Oslo, a serious mental condition. Of course, the West generally has surrendered without an official Oslo to mark their decline. I frequently write comments in various Israeli media outlets on the general theme of ''the best defense is a good offense'' & while I get quite a few positive responses, I also get a large number of criticisms that I am a war-monger. Somehow, even among the highest echelons of the IDF, we have forgotten what the word ''preemption'''means.

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  67. …It was white Americans who built the state and made it what it was – and THEY built it for their own descendants, not for those of people form Asia.It wasn’t just immigration that destroyed California. destroyed the social fabric, making it harder for White Californians to organize and save themselves.

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  309. 10216Sepd428Bryan Magana 4bdKevin, it’s tremendously encouraging to hear stories like yours, and it’s especially nice to hear from a fellow worship leader. Thanks for joining this conversation. Feel free to add your two cents anytime. I’ll be praying for you, brother.VN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 7 votes) 172

  310. “Our enemies are a traditionless, homeless race. From the days of Cromwell to the present day they have been the disturbers of the peace of the world… After what has happened the last two years, my only wonder is that we consented to live for so long a time in association with such miscreants. Were it ever proposed to enter again into a union with such a people, I could no more consent to do it than to trust myself in a den of thieves.” Jefferson Davis, December 26, 1862