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  6. I worry that my kids have absolutely no fear of the beach . . . seriously, this past summer, Leila just crawled right into the water. It really, really wasn’t cool.And, you’re right, I’m pretty sure Eloise would be able to live, quite ably, in an apartment by herself.

  7. Haha – I just posted two comments on your old post "Yay for Fruitcake" and one was about the weirdness of the dates…didn't even see that the year was off! Sigh.I need some fruitcake.

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  48. Agree with you John. Led Zep had a consistency of high quality output that most other bands could only dream of. The Yardbirds had their moments, but Led Zep had years

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  65. That’s right! Good Christians can be on the left because they read the Bible too. Thank God we’re over that whole “he’s a Muslim” nonsense. Finally people are realizing that he has these views because he is Christian and some Christians are on the left for Biblical reasons.

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  74. Frank & Karen, We enjoy keeping up with your blog and you really are world sailors. You are on the opposite side of the world with your boat – how cool is that – you’ve had some great experiences. I guess the wind at the equator is not ideal, but in the end it’s all about destinations. Can’t wait to hear about Singapore too. Keep on trucking! Hugh & Linda

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