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  5. DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist thank you dduck… your storycito of how the helpers came, military and other people dedicated to service is so true. And there are quite a few villages in NJ where many lost so many loved ones in 9-11, men and women who often were also servers and window washers and in maintenance. May their souls live forever.

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  20. , I’ve seen plenty of reviews here about new beers that are snobbish enough for me to skim, so I think you’re hitting both ends pretty well. You’re obviously getting called out here by some frustrated new brewers (and friends) who want their new beers to do well. Hey, it just shows how important HT has become in this market.

  21. Ah, yes, the weeds are judging me too, and the cup(s?), and the shirt I just found sitting limply where I watered yesterday. Yes I watered, but my grass is dying, so my normal benign neglect became too dangerous. Hmmm… Maybe I too am an undisciplined perfectionist? But, I’m pretty sure only one of those is accurate.

  22. I would love “prequels/backstories” for:Rhino, Caitlin and Pete and Jules …. and what the hell (or heaven) the Wave was/is??I could be wandering round blindly a little here – only half way through After America.Perhaps Milosz ….. Oh – and I’ve read none of the AoT …(yet) ….. and will of course need to read Angels of Vengeance – so there’s no rush!!Hope I’ve helped a little ………..

  23. Yes. There are ten or so little odd symbols that I throw into my cartoons at different intervals. The number above my signature tells you how many to look for. I’ve been doing this for about 15 years now, so welcome to the party. 🙂

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  30. Great point by Clay. I can see the merit to both sides. Let us not forget that there is more than one legitimate perspective as we move forward in our education of the public and politicians. No matter how flat the pancake is, it still has two sides.

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  40. I wasn’t allowed to eat. Once I came to the hospital after my water broke that was it. It was hospital policy because so many people end up getting C sections when they didn’t plan to and surgery is best without food in the stomach or something?

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  51. Fascinating. I’m still wondering about the kackerlak (I was also guessing maybe leprosy, but…?) and why the Papuan has a tail (was he one of the occasional humans who do or did the artist suppose Papuans generally do?).

  52. kvond: I think I should mention here, also, that my course on post/human literatures is also indebted to a course Jeffrey designed a few years back on hybridity and complexity, the syllabus for which he generously shared with me.

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